Monday, January 15, 2007

Much Awaited Blueprint for Education


It is indeed a welcome relief for many that the Ministry of Education is coming out with its “National Education Blueprint 2006-2010” soon. Zainah Anwar has rightly commented on many aspects in her column “Keep pupils thirsty for knowledge” (NST 29.12.06). We particularly like her comment “I hope the new curriculum will provide more time for students to enjoy arts education – music, drama, dance and the visual arts.” The Malaysian Association for Music Education (MAME) supports her all the way in such thoughts. The arts can certainly help produce better citizens and should never be compromised. This is not new as the arts were given some prominence even in the early days of Malaysian education in the 1960’s and 1970’s even in rural schools.

Music & Movement Show at The Sek. Men. Dato Abd. Samad’s School Sports in 1972
Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (KEKKWA) also came up with its blueprint entitled “ Dasar & Stategi – Pembangunan Industri Muzik”. In coming up with it, KEKKWA took into account input from almost everyone involved in the music scene in Malaysia including prominent arts activists and the NGOs for the arts. It is regrettable that is not the case with the forthcoming Ministry of Education’s “National Education Blueprint 2006-2010”. ....MOE pandai2 sendiri aje.

Johami Abdullah@ Joe Chelliah
Malaysian Association for Music Education (MAME)

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