Saturday, October 27, 2007


Many of us Malaysians may not realize it but there is really so much to be thankful for. The more countries (both the developed and the lesser developed) I visit the more I realize how thankful that I am a Malaysian. Having been born during the Japanese occupation, I have had the opportunity to literally “grow up” with Malaysia and experience first hand the various stages of our fifty years progress from the days of colonial rule right up to present times. We have it so good in almost everything. The inexhaustible list must include more than adequate food, basic amenities, compulsory and free education up to the secondary level and not forgetting the excellent healthcare system and the many other daily comforts that we enjoy which are not to be found in many places in the world.

If a plant grows well and produces healthy leaves and fruits many things must be right for that to happen. It is the same with our beloved country. In Malaysia we have a unique past and present situation that makes us flower and prosper. I believe one such main factor is the perfect racial mix of the Malaysian population that is made up of both the indigenous peoples as well as the other races here. It is just like having the right amounts of coffee, milk and sugar for a good cup of coffee. Too much of any one ingredient will not make it happen. In many other countries including our neighboring ones, it has not worked out that well as in Malaysia.

Each racial group’s strength and/or weaknesses is complimented and compensated in a unique way. This has helped to develop Malaysia into the fine nation that it is today. We are attracting world attention in many positive ways. Jungles were cleared and planted with rubber and later replaced by oil palm plantations. Good infrastructure, governmental planning, the give-and-take attitude of all Malaysians plus the security arrangements have enabled all of us to enjoy the fruits of our ancestors’ sacrifices and struggles. Our foreign policy is excellent and we have friendly ties with just about every nation in the world. In this matter, Malaysia stands out foremost in development, peace and progress of all the former British as well as non-British colonies worldwide. Even individuals from developed countries prefer to reside here permanently as they find everything from our food, our multiculturalism, climate and the peace and security so attractive.

Of course we still hear of dissatisfactions and lamentations from many thinking people. This is not a bad thing for it is human nature to want something better than what we already have. It is this single human trait that has brought humankind out from the cave dwelling days. Let us then together celebrate our fifty years of independence, peace and prosperity with thanks for the bountiful life that we enjoy today. Let us strive on to make Malaysia even a better place for our future generations. MERDEKA!!!