Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Get Real

Ground All Our F 18s and Ban the Jeans Too?

Come On Lah People, Let’s Get Real !

By Johami Abdullah

Of late, many prominent as well as ordinary Malaysians particularly Dr. Mahathir have called for a boycott of American products motivated purely by the disgust of blatant American support for Israel’s impunity and brutal actions in Gaza. However, this may not be the best thing that we can do as we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by doing so. The better thing has already been done by the Malaysian government in calling on the United Nations to convene an emergency session on the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Mercy Malaysia has also done the right thing by sending their teams to help out.

Let us not forget that many American products are marketed and/or owned by Malaysians themselves either directly or under franchise. People who call for the boycott or support the idea themselves may not be too aware that American goods go beyond Coca Cola or Starbucks, Colgate, McDonald's, KFC, Polo, Nike, Wendy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Dell, and Maybelline. What about Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple computers and computer software (Microsoft etc.) which we use daily? Do we also ground our latest RMAF’s American made F/A-18Ds jets or the Boeings flown by MAS and Air Asia? Can we ask all Malaysians to stop working at places like Citibank, Texas Instruments or Western Digital? Can we also boycott everything American including the widespread use of jeans among all Malaysians....young and old including Mahathir?

Of course we can stop drinking Coca Cola but can we also stop watching all American controlled broadcasts such as CNN to listen to Larry King, a Jew, for the latest updates on Gaza. Do we stop watching Hollywood movies too? Perhaps stop wearing American bras and jeans too.

FYI, The US now ranks as Malaysia's largest trading partner and foreign investor focused on electronics, machinery, energy and manufacturing. The total amount of exports of Malaysia to US for 2007 alone was a staggering $32.79 billion.

Have we thought of the economic consequences if the US and Jewish lobbyists start hitting us back? The people of Gaza Strip need not only our prayers but also tangible help like financial support.