Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As a senior citizen with the title of “warga mas” I may be accused of being a sleazy and “dirty” old man with this post. Show me a “clean” old man who will look the other way and not look at any one the girls pictured above, that is of course if he is not infirm or bed-ridden.. so the blind and the very sickly do not count in this test. If you succeed in doing so, then stone me and stick me with whatever label you want.

When people of my generation go out these days we are bombarded with an overdose of assorted dressing styles that are alluring whether intended or not. This is more so in the bigger towns. Even when senior citizens like me are going about minding our own business we get, well, “distracted” or should it be attracted. At least younger men can do something about it and make a pass. But we are helpless. Even some girls who wear tudungs do not offer us much protection either as they do not bother much about covering up other parts of their body. So please give us a break.

Of course many ladies will say that it is their right, freedom and liberty to dress as they please and project their sensuality, personality etc. etc.. Go ahead, it is fine with me and I am not complaining here. Just do not condemn us men in general and older gents in particular if they happen to ogle at you. Well go on and show off your whatever you feel are you assets and we will admire them with full adoration and silent praise. That’s all to it.