Monday, November 9, 2009

Audio Recording of Irama Ria (Joe Chelliah)

The Shades of Time in 1976

This is a one great composition by me (if I may ay so) when I was studying formal music in Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas in 1976. Call it an accident but it's a classic simply because so many Malaysian musicians remember this tune and ask me and remind me about it even today. It was composed for and recorded by my band The Shades of Time for RTM's Pertandingan Pancaragam (1976 semi-finals). I recorded it again for Astro JAZ program in 2002. Razak Rahman who played with me in 1976 was in this 2nd recording as well. Many jazzmen of today were in school then and tell me that they were inspired by my band then.....Dato Mokhzani and Josie Thomas amongst others. We were the first pop band to play jazz influenced music at the time employing jazzy harmonies ahead of time. These harmonies are so common today.

I am posting it here for the benefit of many who might not have heard it. The musicians who played on this 2nd recording are Razak Rahman (also sax/flute), Jenny Chin (keyboards), Norman (bass), Chris Raj ( 2nd guitar) and Yuri (drums). The solos are by Razak and me. Do connect to a sound system to hear Norman's superb bass lines.

This audio recoding posted was done by Joe Chelliah Band in 2002