Friday, May 7, 2010

I AM WHAT I AM...therefore, I Exist


The following is an adaption of a message from a friend's blog

To those who do not know me, the one thing that I should start you off is that I hardly take back what I say. More often than not I mean every single thing that either comes out of my mouth or out of my fingers and onto my keyboard or paper. I have strong views and I don't see why I should keep them, especially if what I'm saying is mere common sense. I have no regards for those who are less informed and uncivil.

I can be highly argumentative and that's just how I'm built. However, whatever I say in my blog, is my prerogative as it is my space and turf.

If anything here is offensive, it really doesn't come as a surprise to me. This is a public platform, hello!?!?!?! So to those of you reading my blog, first of all I wish to say thank you for stopping by. And to those of you who feel offended, well, what can I say....hmm, actually there's nothing I can say, coz' I don't give a hoot! Do you see the red X button on the top right corner of your computer screen? Kindly click on it and go fly kites!