Monday, October 4, 2010


(Received from a friend via email...written by an Anonymous person)

Vanakkam, All Indian Makkals....,

I felt like "highlighting" a few matters to all of u makkals...! It may be laughable for some and inspiring for most. Also it is something to seriously ponder and make a firm decision and change. Most of us need to understand that there is a power in
the words we utter. In simple it is called "Soll Sakthi". If we keep repeating the same word or sentence of request, the "Soll Sakti" works positively. So now lets see what a Malay scholar in Tamil has to say of it.

Recently, a friend of mine had a chance to meet a high rankng Malay "Pengarah" in the goverment who is involved in the policy making and many other things. Surprisingly, he speaks good Tamil and told that he had studied in a Tamil primary school and took Tamil and Tamil ilakiam in MCE and got a credit. While they were discussing so many things, the friend asked him, "Boss, we Indians also born here and will die for this country if necessary yet we are not getting equal treatment. Why?

His answer is, "What ever treatment the Indians are getting is because of themself. You Indian people call us using the nickname "Naattan". What does this mean?
We Malays belong to this country and you Indian people are NOT....isn't it...?. It doesn’t matter whether you Indians are telling this word with understanding the meaning or not but we Malays understand even if not all of us understand "naatan". You Indians keep on telling us that we are the ones who belong to this country and you people are not. Since you Indians yourself declare by saying that at least a few millions times a day….. right?

So the power of word (Soll sakti) that you'll bless us with is making us grow stronger day by day. And naturally one day you Indians are NOT going to belong to this country, thus why should you be given equal treatment? History may prove many things about Indians in Malaya first but with Indians daily blessings we are becoming the Prince of this land. So what are you Indians going to do about it now? It has been almost 50yrs we were blessed by your words. Now we must thank you for that and we are getting stronger day by day .. .. from today onwards don’t use that word call them Malay.

Now lets see where we Indians stand in this land after so many years. You will realize that we are in either reverse mode or losing/dying mode.

1. Idli and putu mayam, is our traditional food but now Chinese started to make, sell & even export to Singapore. We Indians are still going round on motorbikes with box. Why...? Note: A little upgrade from bicycle to bike.

2. Vadai, Tengga paal appam,puttu and urundai, now Malays are doing and earning good money by selling it in pasar malam.

Meanwhile, we Indians are bz watching "MEGA SERIAL" at home...!

3. Murukku and Achi murukku, now Chinese and Malays are doing & exporting to Singapore. Note:You may notice in some Malay made pakets they call it Maruku and some "Kaataans" are already calling this is a product from their ancestors.
And we Indians...? " Oh ye ke, kamu pun pandai buat Maruku, ehmm, sedap lah"... thus indirectly supporting them.

4. Kalliama,Murugan, Vinayagar and Ayya, now Chinese started to pray, they believe in our form of worship more than us...! Why??? We are bz looking for glamourous & economic prospected names & religious believes.
Plz beleive me, now days they have temples called "Amma Cakap Koil" and "Aiya cakap koil".. many more I may not know off.A chinaman will get the trans & will speak in Malay. -:)

5. If you were to ask our family members when we are going out for dinner or supper. First word, they'd say say is "We go for Chinese food".
Why is it is so ? Mind set... Chinese food is healthy and tasty.
Do we realize ourselves that our food has many grains, spices and many more natural stuff which is better for health. I may need not say for you may know the Chinese food content (MSG , Fats etc ) & quality of preparing is of no concern ha.!. Further to that, our foods do not get promoted out of the home kitchen.
Note : I know of a few Chinese who our envy our food for its natural content and our people for strength and agility. But we don’t appreciate our own foodstuff ha..!
Also H1N1 has given our food content a DISTINCTION. It has natural healers. Plz check out how many Indians died of H1N1 in Malaysia.

6. Thaipusam/Tiruvilla/School functions - Our youngsters are proud to show off as the Tamil movie heros in action. Their mischief then gets them into trouble with the authority & police followed by being whacked by them in prisons...
.......some to death.
Then what happens.... practically nothing. Even upon seeing or being beaten to death does not inject fear in them to change mindset. They keep repeating the same. Why this is happening and why we are not changing at all....???
Firstly are the parents on right track to guide the young??

As you can see from above simple examples, we are giving away everything that belongs to us slowly without pain nor realising.

Sorry if I have offended anyone, this is my personal view on some basic happenings in our Indian society and nothing relating to personal attacks...! Indians don’t have to dominate the pasar malam or any business centers. But we should do more then just selling kacang putih in a lot of the pasar malam or business centres.
Also one need to understand that at the whole sale markets, the Indians are being sold goods at a higher price thus effecting the market price which he sells flowing down. We need the unity, which our community lacks most to step forward and change from the tiny scale we are in to a larger one in future.

We can see that now the Indians are given many courses for free or best price by the government. The financially or academically incapable families should take up.
Note that the good and expensive courses in the university and colleges we still have to fight for.. the weapon?? Very good acedemic results... what else.

Nandri, Vanakam and for once, please for the future of our generation please use your brains to think of MOVING FORWARD.....!

Vaalgeh Valamudan
Nam Samuthayam Namathe Kadamai

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