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A response from me to a close friend who forwarded an email to me.....




The US Congress recognizes Malaysia as racist.

At long last, UMNO and Mahathir are being recognized by the US
congress as being racist, the Last Apartheid Government in the World.

Let them be condemned for all the crimes they have committed against
all Malaysians, especially against the Chinese, Indians and the real
natives of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak .

This is a paper all Malaysians must read.

The US government has finally recognized Malaysia as a Racist Country which they have
avoided for nearly 50 years!............."

Dear XXX,

Glanced through it and got the gist of the whole thing.

My comments and take on the matter :

1. The founding fathers and leaders of all the three races (Tunku, Sambanthan & Tan Cheng Lock) AGREED to this constitution and it is incumbent on the succeeding generations to honor the agreement whether we like it or not today….it is loosely called the “social contract” and reflected in the constitution till today.

2. All 3 parties must agree to amend it now and peacefully based on peaceful negotiations. Any one party can throw in the black ball (object) and its goodbye to the proposal. For example, no Tamil/Chinese schools allowed in Malaysia……..

3. To complicate matters, East Malaysians also agreed to it but came up with their own clauses in their respective constitutions to protect themselves…e.g. they can refuse entry to any West Malaysian to go there till today, yes, even the PM technically.

4. Prior to 1957 :

a) There was no obligation on the govt to provide aid for vernacular schools ( Tamil & Chinese schools) – but after 1957 they became SRJKs and SMJKs with an onus on the govt to provide for them on top of any private funding….and the Chinese supported their schools generously unlike the Indians

b) There was no citizenship for non-Malays or any citizen rights.....why even Malays too.

c) The right to practice one’s religion was there already under the British but NO proselytizing (preaching) to Muslims was allowed in Peninsular Malaya even by the British themselves….no such ruling in East Malaysia then and now.

d) The sultans had only limited powers over both Malays and non-Malays in British Malaya. Today the Malay rulers (who were always there) have constitutional powers over ALL Malaysians and STILL have absolute powers in matters related to traditional Malay customs, Malay language and Islam.

e) Independance was granted to our country which was named "The Federated Malay States and also Malaya simultaneously - take your pick" the Britsh themselves who recognized Malays and their rulers as the definitive race even from very early times....Sir Francis Light and Sir Stamford Raffles all negotiated with the Malay sultans and not with the Chinese miners or Indian Muslim traders here then.

f) With an increased mistrust on the Chinese esp. during the Emergency the British ensured that Malays will forever rule and created all Malay institutions like The Malay Regiment, The Malay Special Constabulory (Police), The Malay Civil Service (that's why no non-Malay DOs, State Secs etc), elite Malay schools like Malay College , Kuala Kangsar, Kolej Tunku Khursiah with state and federal minor scholarships for Malays even before Merdeka.

g) The transition from English to Malay medium was already detailed in The Razak Report of 1956 (before Merdeka)....blaming Dr. M or DSAI as education ministers is no use...the transition was done smoothly culminating in 1970's and not suddenly.

And saying Malaysia is practicing “apartheid” is not very correct. The UN is controlled by the USA and everybody knows it. The founding fathers of USA themselves talked of freedom, liberty and progress but had slaves working for them….therefore what they meant was "freedom, liberty and progress" BUT for the whites only till very very recent times…….but institutionalized racism is still there, even in Obama who cannot say anything against US/white interests including Israel and the Palestinian issue….something caused by and created by the Allies themselves (all whites) arbitrarily. No wonder the “bumis” of USA, the Red Indians who have been literally wiped out used to say “Paleface speak with forked tongues” because they had NEVER honored any treaty with the Indians to date.....and this is not a joke.

Having said the above, it is no secret that 39 of the richest men in Malaysia TODAY are Chinese in spite of the perceived “apartheid” with an equal number of Indians and Malays forming the balance millionaires/billionaires….I do not grudge them and neither do the Malays or else such a situation would not have come about in the first place. Remember about 50% of the population is Malay but look around in affluent areas like Bangsar, Bukit Kiara etc in KL and similar areas anywhere ( even in Seremban 2)……hardly 20% owned by Malays in spite of such “racist and apartheid” policies for more than 50 years.

Besides no non-Malay is prevented from worshipping anything they want to, amassing wealth or even in indulging in “wine, women and song” freely. I could go on and on but let this suffice for the time being. What is happening is based on total misunderstanding and ignorance of the very foundations of Malaysia.

The statement, " The US government has finally recognized Malaysia as a Racist Country which they have avoided for nearly 50 years!" smacks of total ignorance " The US President Lyndon B. Johnson even visited Malaya in 1962 and till today Kg. LBJ in Labu stands by his name. BTW, in case we don't know, USA is still one of Malaysia’s largest trading partner and buddy and…………….What we should worry is if Indonesia or The Philipines decides to go for Sukarno’s Maphilindo and invade Malaysia In such a situation, do you know who are obliged to protect us under a 5 nation defense treaty that still exists today? Bet you do not know this……..United Kingdom (UK) Australia, New Zealand & Singapore and by extension through ANZUS, yes USA.

See History is an important subject being neglected in all Malaysian schools.

Cheers and Regards

Joe Chelliah, D.N.S., A.N.S., P.J.K.
BA & MA (Music) Uni. of Iowa, USA

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