Sunday, June 21, 2015


TDM was not pushed out of office...he resigned after openly admitting on several occasions he had failed to change the Malay mentality, whatever that is. As for his love and concern for Malays, he has cried, openly rebuked them and done so many things in favor of Malays to bring some dignity to the Malays who before his time were still rural based and living mostly on some kind of "kerja kampong" and farming incomes. Perhaps they were a much happier lot then.
The culture of back-biting and scramble for power has always been there since time immemorial in the upper echelons of Malay societies, here and in the archipelago too.... The degree of this is certainly much more now as the economic cake is much bigger.. So politicians are in the forefront of fighting for this or that while most people support them in silence. The Malay's endearing loyalty to the Malay rulers was utilized to the hilt by the colonial British who did their utmost to placate the royals who in turn gave them a free hand to literally rule the country while they remained sovereigns with pensions and other perks c/w huge stone palaces.
Vestiges of such things are still around us if you haven't noticed....its Malay culture for better or worse.
Common sense would tell us also that the bulk of the social problems in this country today are also Malay related and also disproportionate to the population demographics. Of course, all this has been put aside.
Instead, an apparent effort at Islamization / Arbization with empty rhetoric of any meaningful development except free give-aways distract us from the harsh realities of the myriad of social problems in the country..... That the many social problems are afflicting the Malays mostly has been overlooked or at best given some semblance of concern.
The following list of social maladies among Malays is neither complete nor exhaustive...
1. drug abuse,
2. widespread corruption,
3. single divorced mothers who are left to fend for themselves with some
even turning to the sex-worker industry,
4. abandoned babies and teen pregnancies,
5. CBT,
6. bankruptcies,
7. disciplinary problems at schools and residential institutions
8. school bullies,
9. the tiga line gangsters,
10 religious extremism,
11. the protection and bouncer trade,
12. Mat Rempit
13. Bohsiah problems,
It is not my intention to decry the Malays with this over-simplistic and over-generalized stuff if you see it that way..... but the truth is the truth whichever way one looks at it - anyway, these things are open secret overall dismay is that the national leaders of today just go around without addressing the aforesaid problems that are getting worse by the day. Yes we have more schools and universities but with much lowered standards to enable "brilliant" results which opiates an unsuspecting crowd into over-estimating their academic prowess....while the leaders send their kids to international schools or better still overseas...Najib is one such child BTW.
The ostrich syndrome has to go. Malays have to see that they are being screwed left and right and by their own kind......playing the religious and racial cards are nothing but a smokescreen to hide all the shit.
And now TDM is up again "shouting" but the problem of 1MDB is nothing compared to the overall moral and ethical decay that has reached levels that may not be controlled easily short of having a military or dictatorial has been going downhill for a long time.

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