Saturday, February 6, 2016


Siblings of faith through a common Abrahamic connection the adherents of these three religions have caused untold misery on planet earth just because of their faith.  I dare say that the death and carnage caused by the traditional barbarians of old such as The Vikings, The Huns, The Goths and The Mongols pale in comparison to what this unholy trinity comprising of Jews, Christians and Muslims have done in this world.

These religions are supposedly peaceful religions following God’ commandments known as  the ten Commandments.  All three also believe in the same God of Moses(pbuh)but are yet to agree on his name.  The Jews are monotheistic like Muslims but do not acknowledge Jesus (pbuh) to be the promised Messiah.  Christians not only believe that Jesus (pbuh) is the Messiah but have alleviated to him to the position of Son of God.  Together with the Holy Spirit it is an article of faith among Christians to believe God as trinity comprising of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

Now Muslims acknowledge all the twenty five prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran who are also mentioned in the Holy Bible but believe Muhammad (pbuh) to be God’s last and final messenger.    Christians and Jews do not acknowledge Muhammad (pbuh)as a prophet of God.  The Bible has 73 prophets mentioned in it.

But it is a proven fact that Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived side by side for a long time despite the minor differences.  For starters all were originally desert dwellers with more commonalities than differences till more recent times.  Pork is forbidden in all three religions going by the scriptures.  All three groups are supposed to be circumcised as a covenant between God and Moses.  Even Christ was circumcised.  In fact the Holy Quran has special mention of the Jews and Christians as “People of the Book” and relaxes on social interaction between the three religions even in matters such as food and  marriage.

Most observers may find it difficult to understand the rivalry between these three faiths.  For
instance, the Jews and Muslims insist God is one.  Most Christians of today do not believe this although two of their ten commandments speak of the oneness of God as found in the Exodus and Deuteronomy chapters of the Holy Bible.
All I can say is that Satan (another entity found in all the three religions) is having a field day at drawing people away from the truth as he has challenged God that he would do.  

Today it would seem that most Christians, Jews and Muslims have indeed wandered far away from the basics of their respective thanks to Satan.

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