Saturday, November 6, 2010

What A Difference That It Makes

MPSP - from deficit to surplus

Slightly more than two years ago, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) was ailing financially. Remember MPSP having to absorb responsibility for the white elephant called the Batu Kawan stadium built by the previous administration despite protests from local civil activists? Remember the over-priced spanking new MPSP building which cost them RM80 million when the same building could have been built at under RM40 million?

The MPSP was a different creature all together then. Then it was a creation of corrupt politicians (and their appointees) who wielded the reigns of power in Penang . But thankfully not anymore since 2008.

Just to give you an idea about MPSP's finances, look at the chart below.

MPSP Surplus/(Deficit)

Red Under BN administration

2000 - (RM5.1 million)
2001 - (RM31.2 million)
2002 - (RM36.7 million)
2003 - (RM39.0 million)
2004 - (RM48.9 million)
2005 - (RM57.1 million)
2006 - (RM5.4 million)
2007 - (RM5.1 million)

Blue Under PR administration

2008 - RM3.0 million
2009 - RM14.6 million
2010 - RM54.39 million (as at 4 October 2010)

Now tell me who are the better administrators, where public money is concerned and should be used for the public, and those who regard public money as "loot" to be shared amongst themselves and their cronies?

Imperfect as Pakatan Rakyat may be at the moment, at least they don't steal from us and the public's money is being protected and enhanced by appointed professionals! To the detractors of PR, yes I agree their problems may be unpalatable to many of us who yearn for meaningful change from race politics and self-interests but surely they are the ONLY choice when we only have a rock and a hard place to choose from, given the present electorate's indifference and ignorance.

PENANG EXCEEDED RM1 Billion in revenue in 2009 - 1st time in 52years

Convincing proof that voting for change can only bring good to the people. Must really rid the country of the gutter rats and leeches who have sucked the country dry to the point of being bankrupt through corruption and power abuse.

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