Saturday, February 21, 2015

"The Prophets of Doom" (POD) in Malaysia

Since the late 1960's I have met many PODs. It also coincides with the emergence of DAP as a political party to replace PAP when S'pore was asked to leave Malaysia. Many PODs still walk among us or have left the country for "greener" pastures. These PODs may not be happy about the politics and/or politicians and resultantly tend to condemn everything in sight. Get real I say.

But the higher the prophecies of impending doom predicted, the higher becomes our standard of living besides the higher influx of legal and illegal immigrants into our country from Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India and Bangladesh.....besides even China. How come ah ??

Look around and see how we Malaysians are peacefully celebrating our various festivals after year. We are smack in the middle of one right now. We have more to eat than ever before and in greater variety. We drive better cars and live in better homes with better comforts from showers to waste disposal systems.

All our schools are much better in infrastructure with increasing enrollment to bear. The ports are busy as are our airports. The police and all other essential services are doing their work well. The malls, if they can also be considered indicators of the economics in the country, and other places of retreat and entertainment seem to be always full. More people are travelling overseas than before....just go and sit quietly at KLIA and KLIA 2 and see what is going on there. We have a better as well as choice of medical care ............ in short, the country is fine but some people are not.

Yes, Malaysian politics suck but there is no need to condemn the whole country which is a blessed country with such varieties of people, food, culture, religions etc..

Yes we do have problems and the main one, in case you do not know, is the "Malaysian Malaysia" first shouted out by PAP in the early 60's. This problem is yet to be resolved....otherwise we are fine. So get out and enjoy Malaysia.

BTW all govt. servants and pensioners (like me too) sudah dapat gaji awal....I believe no other country in the world does this.

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