Friday, March 6, 2015


The Founding Fathers

Many of the things that we see, witness or read about in the news these days in matters related to interfaith and inter-racial matters in Malaysia do not amuse me and probably many others like me who are septuagenarian Malaysians.  We can proudly say that  we were the pioneers who have made Malaysia become what it is today. It stands tall in the international of nations having been transformed from a backwater country to one that is well-recognized by everyone as a moderate, peaceful and progressive country.

Now with all said and done, the main schism and division evident in Malaysia today is principally caused by the racial divide between the Malays and the non-Malays.  This divide is caused mainly by that human frailty called economic greed of wanting more and more. Only a fool will deny that the affirmative actions for the Malays crafted by the earlier British government and the subsequent locally elected government has born fruit  in the past fifty odd years.  Local politics too have not helped in this matter.
To add to this the efforts by Islamic parties to want to make Malaysia more Islamic than it already is.

Otherwise, we are generally okay and much better off in almost all ways compared to all of the former British colonies and also  many other countries in the world.  - why even some of the so-called developed countries without even mentioning the Middle East countries stretch up to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Politicians have been the main cause to aggravate and to keep the divide wide open instead of taking the bull by the horns. The new wave of misguided Muslim leaders too have and are still playing their part in keeping people divided and it is always to their benefit, not the people at large.

It is my observation that Malays have nothing to fear from the non-Malays simply because power (almost absolute) is in their hands...The King, the sultans, the judiciary, the parliament, the PM, the DPM, the majority of ministers and representatives in Parliament, State Assemblies and town councils, the majority work force in the civil service, military, police, heads of many commercial organizations up to the distict officers and ketua kampongs are all one can ask " Apa Melayu mahu lagi" or "What else do the Malays want?"  It is a well-known fact that almost nothing can be done in this country without Malay approval right - why even in economics ?  

On the other hand, non-Malays still live quite comfortably in this country. They are free to pray to anything or any deity, trade successfully, eat whatever is desired, drink alcohol, live out of wedlock and even choose the medium of instruction till Std. 6 (for Chinese up to secondary level), gamble (Magnum, Toto, Damacai, Genting casino etc) , run massage parlors and so on - all of which Malays cannot engage one can also ask in return " What else do the non-Malays want?".

So all this " What else Malays / non-Malays want" nonsense is counter productive to the country and national unity.........we should not allow ourselves to fall into the hands of politicians who survive in this country by harping on such things.  

Live and let live in this land of plenty I say ........ it still invites millions of foreigners to come here even by risking their lives and arrest .....Think my fellow Malaysians, think.

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